What is Weight Gainer Supplement?

What is weigth gainer supplement-

For those who want to gain weight and build muscles, there are several offers in the market that promises to help users to achieve their target goals. One of these offers is the use of nutritional supplements known as weight gainer supplements, which promise to help you build your muscles. But what are weight gainer supplements?

Weight gainers are actually high-calorie supplements that help you build muscles and pack them with the essential nutrients necessary to help gain weight. The amount of nutrients and other essentials like protein, fat, amino acids and other important supplements varies per weight gainer supplement.

However, the typical serving of a weight gainer supplement often has 320 to 1,000 calories and 16 to 60 grams of protein. It is also in powder form, allowing users to mix it with water or milk and can be taken before or after each workout.

Weight gainer supplements have many benefits, especially if it is added to one’s daily regimen. The first major advantage weight gainers have is the fact it allows the body to reach its calorie requirements. Many people often believe that one must eat quite a lot of food to get the body mass they need to build up.

However, taking in a lot of food does not guarantee getting everything the body needs to build muscles and one may end up breaking their diet. With the help of weight gainers, it allows the body to get their calorie requirement without having to eat a lot of food.

One only needs to take in one glass of their favorite drink mixed with the weight gainer supplement and they are able to take in thousands of calories in their bodies without eating too much.

Weight gainers also help you take in a special type of dietary fat that is important in helping the body stay lean as your muscle builds up slowly. Some experts say it is the best macronutrient the body should have and some weight gainers have medium chain triglycerides and little saturated fat which enables dietary fats to enter the body.

Aside from dietary fat, some weight gainers today also have creatine, allowing the user to take in protein with the weight gainer without having to purchase a separate protein shake. Creatine works alongside the body to reduce the onset of water retention in the body.

Weight gainers tend to trigger water weight gain in the first few weeks of use, but with creatine enabling the body to take in higher amounts of quick acting carbohydrates, that feeling will disappear.

For users who have customized workouts or those who want a possible meal replacement, weight gainers are available in several varieties and are blended to suit the user’s need. Some weight gainers can be used after workouts while others can be taken as a meal replacement or an additional part of one’s meals.

Finally, weight gainers also have L-Glutamine, which helps the body recover after an intense workout. L-Glutamine supports one’s immune system and helps the body become stronger against illness and other complications.

Of course, weight gainer supplements also have side-effects which can occur if you do not take them properly or if you do not study their impacts with your doctor. One of the most notable side effects is the unhealthy weight gain that may be induced when taking weight gainers.

Since muscle gain would require high amounts of calories in one’s diet, a weight gainer supplement would help you reach your maximum calorie requirement. However, if you take in more calories even if your body does not require it, you may end up gaining more fat and not muscle.

Some people may also develop allergic reactions when it comes to taking in weight gainers. Some weight gainers may have soy or milk in them, which are two of the most common food allergens in the world. Some supplements may also use herbs as a main ingredient and it may present allergic reactions such as hives, itchiness and stomach complications.

Finally, those who take in weight gainer supplements with creatine may also develop several problems if they are taken in heavy dosage.

According to the analysis of Medline Plus, high amounts of creatine in the body may trigger kidney damage and it may also develop other complications if the user is taking special medications. Dehydration is also a likely side-effect of creatine, especially if one does not drink water regularly in hotter climates.

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