Weight Gainer Supplements for Beginners

Weight gainner supplements for beginners

Supplements are offered in a variety of different combinations and ingredients that many first-timers may find difficult to sift through especially if they are the type of people who cannot easily gain weight or build muscle.

Here is a short list of weight gainer supplements for beginners that must be included in your list:


In any diet, protein is a must have as it enables change in muscle size and strength once it is combined with regular exercise. Additional protein also triggers active protein synthesis in the body which helps in muscle recovery.

Having protein in the body would also help you shed fat, especially if your liver and kidney are healthy and well-maintained. Research has also added that protein helps the body recover easily, especially if you regularly train hard.

Some notable sources of protein supplements are whey, soy, plant, egg and casein.

Fish oil

Fish oil has long been noted by studies to have many benefits for health as it has high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA. Taking in fish oil supplements is recommended for those who are trying to burn fat, build muscle or just improve one’s health.

If one regularly takes in fish oil supplements, they would also notice other benefits like better cognitive function, stronger immune system, healthy skin and heart, and other great health benefits.

Branched chain amino acids.

The BCAA are comprised of leucine, valine and isoleucine and studies have shown that these three can assist in improving the body’s performance and recovery. It is also noted that BCAAs help reduce catabolism or muscle breakdown, which would then cater to total muscle growth.


This is also a type of amino acid that can be found in protein and found in one’s skeletal muscles. Glutamine helps the body’s immune system to remain strong and healthy and according to studies, it can also be a good supplement for those who are hoping to gain muscle mass.

Glutamine has the capacity to improve muscle growth, prevent the onset of muscle catabolism and support the digestive system.

It is ideal that one takes in glutamine supplements after workouts because this amino acid has the capacity to re-vitalize the body’s glutamine and glycogen levels which are often lost during one’s exercise.


Many experts have cited that creatine is one of the best supplements people can take if they wish to improve their performance and boost muscle growth.

Studies have showcased how creatine has managed to help people reach better sprint times, improve performance in high-intensity workouts and increase their strength and energy output. Creatine also helps the muscles become fuller and leaner if they are taken as a supplement.

It is recommended by experts to seek professional assistance before you take any creatine supplement as today, it is uncertain how much creatine should be taken regularly to induce its benefits.


High quality green supplements are often cited by experts and athletes alike as a great way to reduce the impacts of diets with not enough fruits and vegetables in them. Although food can be a great source of vitamins and minerals, some people do not easily get these vitamins and minerals through eating.

Taking in this supplement would help you get these vitamins and minerals and help your body grow. This supplement also has the capacity to regulate the blood’s pH levels which may tend to spike and become acidic if one takes in high amounts of protein.


If one takes in any carbohydrate source before, during and after workouts, carbohydrates would help your body trigger protein synthesis and glycogen recovery. Once these two are activated, your body would be able to feel your muscles growing and your energy levels recovering faster.

Normally, carbohydrate supplements are recommended for those who train heavily and those who wish to increase their muscle mass.

Regardless of which supplement in this list you will take, it is important that you also engage in regular exercise and diet to maximize the results. Of course, it is important to remember that before you take any of these supplements, consult your doctor or trainer and see which supplement would be suited for your body’s needs.

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